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Apple: Battery fix update for iPhone 4S coming in “a few weeks”

Apple(s aapl) said in a short statement Wednesday to AllThingsD that it has found iOS 5 bugs responsible for battery issues experienced by many iPhone 4S (and other device) owners, and will issue “a software update to address those [bugs] in a few weeks.”

This is welcome news for afflicted device owners, many of which were very vocal iPhone 4S users who contributed to a huge thread on Apple’s discussion board, and left us comments here, too, when we posted about the issue. Apple hasn’t recommended any steps that can be taken immediately to fix or lessen the problem, but general battery saving tips will no doubt help the situation.

In a related move, Apple also released iOS 5.0.1 beta software for reigistered iOS developers on Wednesday, which is said to fix “bugs affecting battery life” according to MacRumors. That the software is already being tested is good news, and should mean Apple can stick to its timeline of “a few weeks” as per its official statement.

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