Samsung Requests Depositions For Apple’s Jony Ive, Others By December


Another development in the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) versus Android patent story as the various cases work their way through the courts. Samsung has requested depositions for testimony from four key designers and inventors, including Apple’s SVP of industrial Jony Ive, as part of its defense the case that Apple has brought against it in the U.S.. This is the second time that Samsung has made the request and the deadline for this latest one is December 1, 2011, giving the named people one month to comply.

Along with Jony Ive, other executives asked to give evidence were Douglas Satzger, Shin Nishibori, and Christopher Stringer.

The reason for the second deposition request was due to all four being unable to make their original deposition deadline of November 1 (yesterday). According to a document posted by the blog Edible Apple, the reasons for their failure to appear included personal reasons (Ive); work and scheduling conflicts (Stringer); leave of absence (Nishibori); and individual’s lawyer busy with another matter (Satzger).

While Ive, Nishibori and Stringer all still work for Apple, Satzger, according to his LinkedIn profile, is currently working as an industrial designer at Palm (NYSE: HPQ). If that’s up to date, that means he’s now at HP.

The case is due to go to trial in July 2012 and there are bound to be more developments before then.

The news comes on the same day that it emerged that Apple has lost in at least one of its many Android suits — albeit against a small tablet maker based in Spain rather than a heavy-hitter like Samsung. Samsung and Apple have cases pending against each other in some 20 courts worldwide, and Apple has managed so far to get injunctions on Samsung products in Australia and Germany. Other Android-based device makers involved in Apple suits include Motorola (NYSE: MMI) and HTC.

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