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Judge Tells Facebook ‘Owner’ to Return From Ireland

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The surreal story of Paul Ceglia, the small time con artist who claims to own most of Facebook, took a further twist today. [UPDATED: the court has since published the order outlining the details. See here for the latest]

According to a source who attended a court hearing in Buffalo today, a federal judge instructed Ceglia to return from Ireland to produce evidence that Facebook says he hid or destroyed. The upstate New York man decamped for Ireland in September, shortly after his case began to unravel.

Ceglia attracted international headlines last year by claiming he had a 2003 contract in which Mark Zuckerberg agreed to sign over up to 83% of Facebook in exchange for $1000. Facebook has adamantly denied the claim and pointed to Ceglia’s record as a convicted scam artist. In the process, Ceglia has attracted a revolving door of lawyers ranging from an upscale New York firm to, more recently, a small town lawyer who was penalized for producing morphed images of child pornography.

In recent weeks, the judge presiding over the case has grown increasingly exasperated with Ceglia and his legal team who have repeatedly missed deadlines to produce evidence. Facebook believes the evidence will further validate the company’s story that the alleged contract was a forgery.

At today’s three-hour hearing, according to the courtroom source, the judge ordered Ceglia to return from Ireland to search for missing USB devices and to submit a declaration about what he has done to find the evidence. If he cannot produce the evidence, the judge ordered him to explain under oath what became of it.

The source said Ceglia has 30 days to comply with the order. A written order based on today’s proceeding is likely to appear on the court’s electronic docketing system by tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Judge Tells Facebook ‘Owner’ to Return From Ireland”

  1. I have being following this story since the start and have seen a lot of evidence on Ceglias side which is not being broadcasted because it is damning to FB. Why isnt the expert views in favour of Ceglia who all agree Ceglia’s evidence is authentic? .Lets take this simple fact of email preservation, Ceglia and Zuckerberg used a program called Webmail to email eachother and anyone with any computer knowledge knows that Webmail deletes sent email in order to avoid exceeding storage limits. So according to Ceglia he copied the headers and texts of these emails into word documents in 03-04 in order to not loose them by leaving them in Webmail to be deleted at a later date and put them on floppy discs..comouter forensic expert Jerry Gran after analyzing them says they are consistent with how Ceglia says he copied and saved them here is a link to Ceglias Lawyers website it contains grants evidence along with others and i have to say its quite convincing .. Ther is much more evidence you just have to look at the facts,, unfortunately the media is refusing to report such facts. Or what about Michael McGowans biased analysis of Ceglias computer, at while ago McGowan outlined a framework on how to find out the authencity of such things, he used them on Ceglias computer but refused to use the same framework when analysing the computers of Zuckerberg

    • Hey thanks for the links dude, I took a look and this guy Ceglia has a
      good case in my opinion. All I have seen in media is how this guy is a
      con artist and fled to Ireland because he was lying, but after looking
      at his lawyers site, their evidence is pretty strong especially the
      evidence presented by Jerry Grant, untill now i never seen grants
      evidence, which is remarkable because the media should be reporting
      this, this seems like a case of smear the small guy and favour the big
      business like facebook, bias on the part of the media in my opinion,. I

  2. I take it this means Ceglia did not “flee” the USA as fabricated by the mainstream media to discredit him. After all a man who “Flees” a country doesn’t return immediately when asked . I sense Ceglia left for Ireland for a break away as any normal person does at least once a year. Why has the mainstream collaborated with Facebook to deny the facts to the public? first you fabricate a story that he “fed” to make it look like he was a liar and “fled” for that fact which has now being rendered untrue due to the small fact he is back in USA, and then you refuse to broadcast his evidence in truth while ramping up Facebook’s evidence to make them look like the victims, Why don’t you broadcast the analysis by Jerry Grant a computer forensics expert who says Ceglia’s contract and emails are authentic, here is a link to his analysis maybe you will read and broadcast them since your job is to tell the truth

  3. FM Hilton

    Next step (if Ceglia does not return from Ireland, and does not find those ‘missing’ devices) is a summary judgement for FB by the judge. That will end this entire farce. Ceglia will be forced to go back to the gutter where he came from, without any money-in fact, if the judge gets really ticked off at him, he’ll probably end up having to pay all legal costs for both sides.
    I’m not a betting person, but this is a logical next and final step. Judges tend to get real ornery when people ignore their requests/orders.