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PlugBug is MacBook and iPad charging genius

I have a recurring dream in which all of my Apple (s aapl) gadgets use the same connector to get their power, so I just have them built into existing electrical sockets around the house. PlugBug doesn’t quite achieve that goal, but this great new Twelve South accessory sure comes close.

PlugBug is a simple adapter that connects easily to your existing MacBook power adapter, adding a 10 W USB charger (the same wattage as the one that ships with the iPad) for charging your iOS devices. The 10 W capacity means that it will charge your iPad faster than the standard iPhone and iPod charger, and it will still also be able to charge those devices just as easily, too.

This innovative but oh-so-simple design from Twelve South will really come in handy for travelers, since it means you can use the often-scant hotel power outlets to maximum efficiency: Just one outlet is needed to charge both your MacBook and a USB-connected device, and the design keeps the top outlet in a two-socket wall panel free for other uses.

Even if you aren’t taking your MacBook with you, PlugBug stands on its own as a very noticeable (it’s red) solo iPad and iPhone charger, thanks to a bottom attachment that covers the power brick plug component when it’s not in use. At $34.99, it’s actually only $5 more than the standard Apple iPad 10 W power adapter, too, so it really seems like a no-brainer for multiple Apple device owners.

This is the first iPad and MacBook accessory in a while that feels like a necessity to me. Anyone else blown away by the design?

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  1. Cold Water

    A few years ago, I bought a used MagSafe adapter to keep at the office for one less thing to think about, and ever since then, I’ve been lobbying for this feature to be on the brick itself. Lenovo came up with the “always on USB” port, but that’s on the laptop.

    If they can’t cram more power or ports into the existing brick, it’s not the end of the world. MagSafe adapters have shrunk over time, so it would just be a matter of going to the original form factor.