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How connectivity is revolutionizing everything

Travel: Go anywhere, instantly

by Colleen Taylor

As technology has evolved, travel has been a major beneficiary: the compass, the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and of course, airplanes. The importance of these engineering breakthroughs can’t be overstated. But the evolution of digital connectedness has, arguably, had an equally sizable impact on the ways that people get from one place to another.

In the past 15 years alone, travel has changed dramatically, thanks to the Internet and the rise of cell phones. Take air travel: You buy tickets online, often with the help of a handful of startups that can find you the best price, and when boarding, many airlines accept boarding passes via your mobile phone. Once on the plane, what used to be hours of lost time turns into productivity or entertainment, with many flights offering Wi-Fi connectivity.

Many web travel innovations — such as Orbitz and Priceline — emerged in the first dot-com boom. But the innovation is far from over, and the new companies are offering travellers more choices. Airbnb is disrupting the hotel industry by providing shared rooms and houses for rent. Ubercab is shaking up taxis, by using cell phones to provide a killer lightning fast service from indepedent car operators. HotelTonight enables travellers to find rock bottom deals within mere minutes or hours of arriving in a city.

Travellers can now choose between a seemingly endless number of choices, and do so at the last minute. In terms of population, of course, the world is bigger than ever, but thanks to new technology, in many ways it seems a lot smaller than before.

13 Responses to “How connectivity is revolutionizing everything”

  1. Odile Beniflah

    For trips that are not too far, carpooling is a great travel option to go anywhere instantly. In Europe, it is very popular: students love it for last minute travel when trains or planes are full or too expensive. Mobile apps give you access to rides anywhere: a great back-up plan when you are stuck at the airport and your flight is cancelled.

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  3. took you long enough :-) Holonomy, david bohm, karl pribram… the interconnectenes theory and holonomics, et al, have been waiting for the market to catch up so they (these innately interconnected works from both physics and neuropsych) could be their as guides… For me , I have waited almost 30 yrs for the marketplace.. my own human and hu-sys evolutionary ontology, and associated products born from it – “The EvoReVo!”, EcoMind, OneMind, LeToonz and LeCozmos, and the LeToonz Ah-Ha and Flo (and other) characters-as-variables within the next big shell/OS shift platform, apps and metrics. Thanks for working at punching a whole into the next wave.

    • @sdinfoserv, Your comment makes me think of a recent talk I saw from Thomas Friedman. His message: Basically in this connected world people can’t afford to be average anymore, there’s too much competition with people competing for jobs on a global scale.

  4. Thomas Curtin

    @akash agarwal I agree, but why not extend this to other aspects of driving, instead of issuing speeding citations police could just send a standard bill for excessive speeds. We could reduce the cost of policing the roads. Just saying this makes me cringe btw…