New Ad Service From Flurry Targets Indifferent Mobile App Users


App users can be a fickle bunch, downloading new mobile apps on a whim only to let them sit dormant for months. In that vein, Flurry is offering app developers a new marketing service that lets them target smartphone users who have downloaded their apps but are not using them in hopes of getting them back in the fold.

It’s called AppCircle Re-Engagement, and it’s a new part of Flurry’s AppCircle in-app advertising service. The idea is to let app developers take out in-app ads encouraging users of other apps to give them another shot. The ad will encourage users to launch the advertised app (given that it’s already on their device) and developers will pay per each application launch.

Languishing apps can be just as much of a problem as getting mobile users to discover your app in the first place, and the phenomenon is true across platforms. Given how cheap mobile apps are and how few real breakout hits actually emerge, quite a few users are content to give an app a try for a week or so before relegating it to a corner of their phones.

But developers and publishers trying to make money off in-app advertising obviously need an engaged user base for that business model to work. Pricing for the ads will start at 50 cents for each “re-engagement,” or each time the app is launched from within an ad.

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