Netflix renews ABC contract


Netflix (s NFLX) subscribers can soon watch more episodes of ABC shows like Desperate Housewifes, Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters, thanks to an extended licensing agreement between the video subscription service and Disney (s DIS). Episodes will, as is usually the case with Netflix content, be soon after the current season of a show has ended.

The agreement also adds the entire ABC show Alias as well as the ABC Family show Switched at Birth to the Netflix catalog, and ensures than Netflix will be able to stream all seasons of Lost and Ugly Betty. Check the official press release or Netflix’s blog post for more content covered by this agreement.

The re-up with Disney comes at a critical time for Netflix. Its recent price hike, followed by the short-lived plan to completely separate its DVD business under the Qwikster brand, not only cost the company 800,000 domestic subscribers; the stock also tanked from a high of $304 earlier this summer to $84 at the closing of the markets last Friday. Having popular TV content for years to come could help to keep remaining subscribers happy, and possibly persuade investors that things may not be so bad after all.



Good to hear new contents are being made…
although all those titles do not interest me in the least bit.

Chuck, Sacramento

A certain amount of arrogance is good in a CEO, but the recent troubles were indicated more than a year ago when I’d read an article of an interview where the CEO was asked if he’s concerned Americans may rebel if they find out they are paying a lot more than the Canadian customers for the same content. The CEO replied (not verbatim) “No because Americans are too lazy to notice”

matt roberts

Thats news to us Canadians. We pay as much as the Digital only subscription for way less content. We’ve never had DVD rentals.

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