Cord Cutters: A first look at Google TV 2.0


Google (s GOOG) TV has been revamped with a new user interface, a bunch of new apps and access to the Android Market. Google TV Product Lead Rishi Chandra gave us a tour of the new version in this episode of Cord Cutters:

Show notes for this episode:

  • Google TV updates will start rolling out for Sony’s Google TV devices Sunday evening and should be available to all Sony Google TV owners by mid-week, according to Google. Updates for the Logitech Revue will follow soon after.
  • Logitech’s Revue currently only costs $99, which is a pretty good price.
  • Google TV is optimized to work with pay TV subscriptions, and Google execs have said in the past that the device isn’t made to cut the cord.
  • Check out our original Google TV review here.

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Vamshi Sriperumbudur

Much better UI!
On the UX, I hope they do V2.0 remotes that’re smaller (not keyboards).


The great about Logitech Revue is it’s Intel Processor + Logitech Keyboard/Touch-pad/Remote + Logitech TV Cam option


I have two Google TVs. I use them all the time, but it has serious UI flaws. It will be interesting to see if they ironed those out. So I’m looking forward to this update.

Also the app market should make things quite interesting.

Boone Simpson

I like my googletv but I do not use it for content discovery, as I know what I want to watch, I want better codec support and SMB share support. Due to this, I still find more use out of my decade old Xbox with XBMC.

I think the apps have promise as the community will no doubt port XBMC / NAVIX style apps to GTV, but I really wish google themselves would make a better network media browser as a standard app. Google, however seems to make spartan core apps and leave that the to the devs, look at androids messaging or video app as an example.

I also would also love to see Android@home integrate with GTV.

Gordan Redzic

Totally agree. I think they are trying to solve the wrong problem as well. My big issue is that there is no single box that allows me to watch iso and mkv movies, play spotify/mog/rdio, have a full flash browser so that I can watch things sites such as and do all this with a high “waf”. My first foray into google tv was such a disaster, not sure if I want to fork over $100 to test it out again.

Jack Beavers

I’m an early adopter of GoogleTV (and Roku.. and Yahoo Connected TV). At the moment Roku provides the best user experience but- based on this demo- Google TV is about to give them a run for their money.

Now that they appear to have fixed the UI- the success or failure of the Android Market on Google TV 2.0 – will likely be the deciding factor.

I look forward to Google pushing 2.0 to my Logitech Revue in November and going hands-on with their update to see how it performs in my living room vs their offices in San Bruno.

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