Twitter/Square co-founder Jack Dorsey to speak at RoadMap


Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the Internet’s two hottest companies, Square and Twitter, will be a keynote speaker at our GigaOM RoadMap conference, scheduled to be held on Nov. 10 in San Francisco. He is part of a select group of technology luminaries who will help us figure out the future that comes as a result of connectedness.It is my long-standing belief that we have entered a phase of constant connectivity. Not only are we connected in all places all the time, even our machines are starting to talk to each other. This connectivity changes how we live, work, create and consume. Jack has bet on the idea of “connectedness” twice and in both cases it is bringing about societal change.

Twitter has gone from being a megaphone for our planet to being the network of change, playing a crucial role in political transformation in many parts of the world and a platform for our collective grief in times of tragedy. Square, on the other hand, is an enabler for the people-to-people economy.

As we walk around with connected devices, you and I as individuals can easily congregate and engage in transactions — whether it is paying a taco truck with a credit card or buying vegetables from a farmer at the local market. Connectedness has given us the ability to bypass traditional channels of distribution and transactions.

Dorsey is going to share his thoughts on where we are headed, what are the implications to existing businesses and what are the opportunities. Hopefully you will join me at the event.

For more details on GigaOM RoadMap, visit the conference website. You can buy tickets at EventBrite.

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