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Tesla’s Roadster to return in 2014

Electric car maker Tesla Motors (s TSLA) will soon stop manufacturing its inaugural car the Roadster — its deal with Lotus, which supplies Tesla with the car body, was only for 2,500 cars. But now, according to reports, Tesla plans to bring back the Roadster brand in 2014 for a redesigned car that will be based on a new platform, which will likely be a tweaked version of the Model S platform.

Happy day for any of you that oh-so wanted a Roadster back in the day but didn’t get in line or have the funds. The Model S is Tesla’s second car that was designed as an electric vehicle from the ground up. It’s battery lies low and flat on the underside of the car. In contrast the original Roadster uses the Lotus body converted into an electric car. I think electric cars that are designed to be EVs from the start could do a lot to show buyers the unique benefits of electric cars.

Tesla Roadsters lined up outside of the Model S Beta Customer event

10 Responses to “Tesla’s Roadster to return in 2014”

  1. Ad van der Meer

    I am not quite sure if it’s going to be the next Roadster you talking about here. Tesla has long planned a convertible on the Model S platform and it’s very likely the car to follow Model X.
    It would make more sense when a true sports car, like the new Roadster should be, would be based on the smaller Bluestar platform.

  2. I think Model S and X will do well. If Model S is an example of what is to come, consider that already the 5000 cars that they plan to make for 2012 have been pre-sold with depositors putting down $5k (or $40k for the Signature series) as early as 2009. Actually over 6000 cars have been pre-sold which means that some people are even willing to wait to get their Model S cars delivered in 2013. We see that EV cars are clearly a viable option with Nissan producing the Leaf, GM producing the VOLT, Toyota producing the RAV4-EV, etc. Tesla has great appeal and a wow factor. They have a great design team which you can see by the elegance of the Tesla Model S. It’s fresh, its new, and its received a lot of attention. I think Tesla has a bright future.