What cards sent using Apple’s Cards app look like


When Apple (s aapl) released its official Cards app, I was curious what the final product would look like, so I promptly designed a simple one and sent it to myself (or actually my live-in girlfriend). The final product arrived Wednesday, and I took the liberty of opening it a little early to show how it turned out for anyone else mulling a purchase.

The envelope

Apple prints the address of sender and recipient on the envelope for your card. You can either enter this info manually, or select it from your address book. It uses a font resembling handwriting, which helps enhance the effect that you didn’t just get a corporation to print this card and send it for you. By default, it staggers the recipient address line-by-line, which at first confused me, until I realized it was only another part of the overall personalized look.

The printed envelope is definitely eye-catching, and uses a heavier, dimpled stock that impresses more than your average plain white envelope. The writing even looks a little like it was done in ballpoint and bled into the paper a bit, and it uses a real stamp instead of one of those prepaid automatic postmark things.

The card

As promised, the cards from Apple’s Cards app are printed on premium, heavy cotton paper, and they feel really well made. The letterpress printing process results in a textured image or pattern for Apple’s preset template design elements — you can run your finger over these and feel the letterpress relief, as well as see it up close.

Apple puts only your customized text and the design of your choosing on the card, as well as any photo you might add or take yourself from within the app. There’s no logo anywhere, and no indication of where it came from, even on the back where you’d normally find such identifiers.

The photos

For paper stock that’s definitely not your average photo printing paper, pictures printed on the Cards cards turn out looking pretty good. I used a photo taken on my iPhone 4, and you can see the original and the printed result below.

It’s definitely better than what you could achieve just printing out your own photo on a card using your average inkjet at home.

The final verdict

These cards won’t disappoint any friend or relative lucky enough to receive one from you. And for letting me send personalized greetings without having to resort to activities I haven’t indulged in for years, like finding a stamp, licking said stamp, and finding a mailbox, I give them very high marks.



I tried a test card with a photo on the card front. The photo quality was very low. Not something I would ever send out.


dude… “arrived Wednesday” doesn’t help. There are no less than 52 Wednesdays in a year… so you kinda need to say what day you requested the card, and what day you received it… by calendar date, so that we have any clue as to how long it took for the card to come…


I’ve used this service before and I must say it’s great, but….

It’s expensive.

I send cards all the time, I mean on a daily basis. To people who I’ve shared a good experience with. People who come in looking to buy a car from me. People who have bought a car. Family friends and anyone else who is deserving of a card and a gift.

Now if I were to use apples cards service, man would I be broke.

I use SendOutCards personally and do do many of my frends in the car sales industry as well as the real estate industry.

I send about 100 cards and gifts every month, now if I was using apples card service, I would be broke.

If you want to send an occasional card, try out apples card service.

But if you’re a serious card sender, or if you are in car sales, real estate, or anythings else and you want a great way to keep in touch with your clients. SendOutCards is the way to go.

That’s my thoughts.

Tomeu Rosselló Pons

Could anyone tell the name of the font used in the envelope. I really love it and don’t know where to find it. Thanks


Thanks for the great post! I’m very excited about this app as many others are. I’ve sent out a card on 10/21, and my account was charged, however its been over a week now (10/29) and I still haven’t received confirmation that the card has been mailed/received. In the Saved Cards section of the app, the card is listed as Draft. Is this how your sent cards are listed? Thanks!


It IS international! Used to send a card to my friend in Switzerland on the day the app came out. Seems like server was a bit overwhelmed by all the early requests and I got errors the first few times. In the end, it still processed my order twice but Apple refunded the second charge. Arrived just 2 or 3 days later, postmarked in Poland.

Sandis Grantins

Looks nice. Hope it gets international support soon.
It’s a shame it’s not a universal app, though.


I like the app but was disappointed with the limited selection of design choices. Looking forward to more in the future. Thanks for the post about the quality of the letterpress. I’m enjoying the sincerely app for simpler postcards.


I sent one of these cards and it was easy and the cost was reasonable. I ordered it early on the 18th, Tuesday, was mailed on the 20th (Thursday) and not received until Monday, so plan ahead.


I ordered one the first day the app came out, and I am still waiting to receive it. It also looks very similar to yours, and contains essentially the same message!



Cool app, but I dont think sending the card and opening it without your girlfriend will get you brownie points. Hope there’s a plan B!

Granny Joan

Agree, I received a iCard from family member and was very impressed. I will be using this option in the near future as well. Nice presentation.

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