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Super VC Michael Moritz headlines GigaOM RoadMap

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I am super excited to announce that Michael Moritz, general partner at white shoe venture firm, Sequoia Capital is going to be a headline speaker at our GigaOM RoadMap conference, on November 10 in San Francisco. Moritz, along with other tech luminaries, will help us figure out how connectedness will change our future.

Now is the perfect time to be talking to him and asking him about what comes next. Why? Because I believe we have entered a phase of constant connectivity, and the state of connectedness will have implications as long lasting as industrialization itself. And this will change how we live, work, create and consume. This is not a short-term change, nor one that is easily understood. I am betting that Moritz, who has an uncanny ability to spot transformational shifts in Internet behaviors and then back the big winners, is going to give us some insights into the future. Take a look at some of his more well-known successes — PayPal, Yahoo and Google  — and you can see they have transformed the way we use the Internet. (His more recent hits include LinkedIn, Green Dot, Zappos and Pure Digital.)

In this rare fireside chat with Moritz, we will explore the beautiful dynamic between connectivity and creativity and ask how technology and design entrepreneurs will continue to define our future experiences.

As a bonus, I might also get a chance to ask him about Apple and Steve Jobs. After all, as a Time magazine writer he got to know the late Steve Jobs very well and wrote a book about him — The Little Kingdom: the Private Story of Apple Computer. More recently, he published a revised version of the book under the title — Return to the Little Kingdom: Steve Jobs, the Creation of Apple, and How It Changed the World.

For more details on GigaOM RoadMap, visit the conference website. Buy tickets at EventBrite.