Quick tip: Update Twitter and Facebook using Siri


Normally, if you ask Siri to tweet for you, it’ll say it can’t help with Twitter. If you ask about Facebook, you’ll get even less of a response. However, using both these social networks’ SMS features, you can get Siri to update Twitter and Facebook indirectly. Here’s how.

Updating Twitter

To start using Twitter with Siri, you’ll need to set up your phone on your Twitter mobile settings page. In order to register your phone, follow the steps on that page by entering your country and phone number, then sending an SMS containing the word ‘GO’ to the number displayed. In the U.S., this is 40404. By doing this, you’re verifying your phone with Twitter.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to tweet by sending an SMS to that same number. Add it as a contact in your iPhone’s address book, and then to get Siri to tweet for you, all you have to do is dictate a message to “Twitter.” It’ll then send an SMS with the tweet to Twitter, which will in turn post that tweet for you.

Posting a Facebook status update

To update Facebook, the same method applies. In order to verify your phone with Facebook, visit the Mobile Settings page¬†and click Add a phone. You’ll be prompted to enter your password, and then to select your country and mobile carrier. Finally, text the letter ‘F’ to 32665. You’ll receive a confirmation code, which should be entered into relevant space on the web page.

When your phone is set up with Facebook, you can update your status in the same way as with Twitter, by sending a text to the contact with the Facebook number.

Make your (and Siri’s) life easier

If you find Siri cutting you off because it gets confused about Twitter, you could call Twitter “Twit” and Facebook “Face,” since those are very unlikely names to have in your address book (unless you have a very stupid friend, or you’re a member of the A Team).

If you have any other tips or hacks for Siri, let us know in the comments.


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