Now that is what I call piling on Netflix

reed hastings charlie rose

I am pretty sure you might have noticed the free-for-all on Netflix these days. The company’s vanishing stock market capitalization and missed earnings has everyone screaming for CEO Reed Hastings’ head. Sure, some of it the anger is justified, but I think now we all are going overboard with it.

Take this headline: Netflix Said to Cut Jobs After Subscriber Loss. Bloomberg says Netflix is going to cut 15 jobs after its earnings debacle. This is what I call “piling on”: Netflix might have many flaws, but to make a big deal about them pruning an estimated 15 out of 2,180 total employees, or roughly 0.6 percent, is making mountain out of a molehill. From the looks of it, Netflix has 40+ jobs listed on its own website alone.

So net-net, it seems they are still adding new people. But hating on Netflix makes a great headline, if not a good story!


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