Citrix and Cotendo team up to accelerate enterprise SaaS apps

Citrix Systems (s CTXS) has partnered with dynamic web acceleration startup Cotendo to introduce a new product that will add more speed and security to enterprise applications that need remote availability with LAN-like reliability. The NetScaler CloudConnector, which the companies are announcing Wednesday, combines the Citrix NetScaler infrastructure with Cotendo’s web and mobile acceleration services.

The solution works by putting Citrix NetScaler products within Cotendo points of presence around the world, in addition to enterprise data centers. The combination enables dynamic acceleration of enterprise applications throughout a mix of private and public clouds, boosting performance by 50 percent to 80 percent. It also reduces bandwidth requirements for associated network connections by between 50 and 95 percent.

The NetScaler CloudConnector uses a combination of amplified performance optimization and enhanced compression techniques to speed up delivery while lowering the amount of outbound data center traffic. That reduces the amount of infrastructure needed to support enterprise applications, and the amount of bandwidth used by mobile, web and SaaS applications.

In addition to speeding up the delivery of mobile, web and SaaS applications to native LAN-like performance levels, the NetScaler CloudConnector creates secure connections with users on home and mobile networks. By combining Cotendo’s distributed monitoring technology with Citrix application firewalls, the combined solution can detect security threats. It also provides higher levels of personalization and localization for remote workers, by optimizing support for individual mobile devices.

This isn’t the first time a CDN has connected with an infrastructure company to speed up private and public cloud applications. The Citrix-Cotendo hookup is similar to a partnership between Akamai (s AKAM) and Riverbed (s RVBD) announced earlier this year. In both cases, the goal is to improve the availability or enterprise apps as they move into the cloud.