Thanks to iPad, tablets outsell netbooks nearly 2 to 1

Tablets are doing well compared to at least one device they seem perfectly poised to replace. According to a new study by ABI Research (via Cnet UK), (s cbs) led by the iPad(s aapl), tablet devices are now outselling netbooks by a ratio of almost two to one. ABI also confirms our own thoughts; that for now at least, the iPad basically is the tablet market.

According to ABI’s calculations, iPads make up 68 percent of the tablet market, although depending on who you ask, that number could be even higher. Regardless, the iPad makes up at least more than two-thirds of the tablet market, so when that market sees 13.6 million sales during the 2011 summer, most of the benefit goes to Apple.

Netbooks, on the other hand, aren’t benefitting from the tablet’s rise. During the same period in which 13.6 million tablets were sold, only 7.3 million netbooks made their way into consumer hands.

Netbooks maintain popularity in developing countries, where their inexpensive price tags and general compatibility with Windows (s msft) software and files make them useful as a primary computer, but in developed nations where a lot of the consumer power lies, iPads and tablets are much more appealing to shoppers hungry for the next big thing. Tablets better suit the role of a secondary device, too, since they’re more portable and easier to get up and running quickly in cramped quarters, while commuting, for example.

The iPad has long shown signs of toppling the netbook, but now it’s really putting up the numbers to prove it. Will the iPad (and other low-cost tablet options like the Kindle Fire(s amzn)) ever kill it completely, or can the two formats coexist peacefully?