iTunes boss reportedly heading Apple’s television plans


Reports about the Apple (s aapl) television set supposedly in the works are coming fast and furious now that a quote from the Steve Jobs biography reveals the former Apple CEO was gung-ho about such a device. On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that the project is spearheaded by Apple VP Jeff Robbin, who is also the lead software designer for iTunes.

Robbin helped create the iPod along with Tony Faddell (who has a new product out, by the way), and also the iTunes media store. If Robbin is indeed heading up the Apple television effort, as Bloomberg’s three sources claim, it makes sense, because the version Jobs describes in the Walter Isaacson biography is all about integration of Apple’s vast stores of media content. On the Mac, iTunes is the hub for all that content, and the iTunes Store would undoubtedly play a huge role in any Apple television product.

Bloomberg’s sources also reveal one potential feature for the supposedly upcoming device: Apple wants to make it possible for users to search once and have it find a show or movie in any content source available on the device, so including Netflix (s nflx) for example, as well as a user’s cable provider. That sounds a lot like one of Google TV’s (s goog) main features.

On Monday, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster reiterated his belief that such a device was indeed in the prototype stages, according to information he’d received from supplier sources. Expect reports about this next possible Apple market disrupter to become fairly commonplace now that it appears to have received the enthusiastic support of Jobs himself.

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