The Morning Lowdown 10-25-11

»  How people use tablets and what it means for the future of news (

»  Metro hails iPad Newsstand for strong downloads, high engagement (paidContent)

»  Netflix’s Hastings: No grand gestures needed to win back consumers (paidContent)

»  Netflix’s plan to kill the DVD is working (SplatF)

»  Here’s how social reading might actually work (paidContent)

»  Who gets hurt if Groupon collapses (VentureBeat)

»  Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) TV effort said to be led by iTunes creator Jeff Robbin (Bloomberg)

»  Group says newspapers are sexy, not dead (Media Decoder/NYT)

»  Facebook Credits might just change the Internet landscape in Asia (The Next Web)

»  Engage! Why Google+ is talking up Google+ engagement, but not other metrics (ReadWriteWeb)

»  Sony (NYSE: SNE) Reader hacked to run…Kindle (The Digital Reader)