Today in Social

The air is buzzing with talk of a digital music offering from Google that reveals how Google+ integration with Google services is the company’s sneaky-smart way to deploy social networking technologies and encourage their adoption. Reportedly, Google is working on an MP3 store (that wouldn’t be too exciting) that may leverage Google+ as a sharing/discovery tool. Microsoft enabled legal song sharing for Zune users – all 15 of them – back in the day, but it had to rely on DRM. Google would be equally dependent on its Google+ user base, but the barriers to adoption of Google+ are lower, and it could get around DRM by streaming a shared song on-demand. If it can get the licensing deals done, song-sharing could be a compelling feature and a differentiator versus iTunes and Amazon. Blogger is another Google service that’s getting Google+ integration, and Google+’d Apps could be a gateway into enterprise collaboration. Google’s looking pretty socially savvy these days with its new platform and integrate-everything strategy.