Apple changes up iPad 2 Smart Covers

The quieter-than-usual update to the MacBook Pro(s aapl) line wasn’t the only change on the Apple Store on Monday. Updates were also made to the iPad Smart Cover product section. The Smart Cover is Apple’s magnetic flap/stand accessory that protects the iPad 2’s display.

Of the changes made on Monday to the Smart Cover listings, the most noticeable is that Apple has dropped the orange Smart Cover entirely from its offerings and replaced it instead with a dark gray color option. Both the exiting orange design and the new dark gray version are polyurethane Smart Covers, not the more expensive Italian leather variety.

The polyurethane Smart Covers now also feature color-matched microfiber linings for each color option, including light gray, blue, green, pink and the new dark gray designs. Previously, color-matched interiors were limited to the leather Smart Covers.

On Apple’s main iPad site, the orange version still appears as of this writing, the polyurethane versions still all have the same gray microfiber lining, and the dark gray cover hasn’t yet been added,¬†but the dark gray cover is listed as “In stock” and ready to ship on Apple’s online store.