Quick tip: Siri can search with Google, Yahoo or Bing


For iPhone 4S users out there, you probably know that Siri can search the web for keywords of your choosing. But did you also know that you can tell it on the fly which specific search engine to use to find your results? You can, so long as you use one of three options available by default on iOS.

In Settings > Safari, you can choose your default search engine under “General,” between either Google (the one automatically chosen if you haven’t changed it), Yahoo or Bing. When you ask Siri simply to “Search for” something, it will use whichever search engine you have chosen in Settings.

But if you want to temporarily switch engines for just one search, all you need to do is ask Siri to check with a specific search service. For example, “Search Bing for Windows Phone 7.5″ will use Microsoft’s search portal to return results, even if you have Google selected as your default engine. It also keeps your default engine the same.

While you may not often have cause to take a brief vacation from your search engine of choice, this can come in handy if you’re comparing the order of results for a search term across services, or if you find one service better than another for specific types of searches, like images, places or directions.


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