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More Headaches For RIM, As Trademark Complaint Could Be Filed Against BBX

Research in Motion (NSDQ: RIMM) just can’t catch a break these days. As we start to wind down a year in which the company’s U.S. market share has plunged amid investor turmoil and an unprecedented three-day outage in its service, its new BBX operating system faces an additional challenge beyond the already-daunting task of convincing the mobile world why it needs BlackBerry.

The flagship product from a company called Basis International is called BBx, and they’re not very happy about RIM’s decision to blend the names of its QNX operating system and its BlackBerry heritage as BBX. Reuters reported that Basis International, which makes software-development tools, has sent RIM a cease-and-desist letter and has threatened to sue if RIM doesn’t take action.

RIM responded that it doesn’t see much potential for confusion between the two marks, which makes some sense: smartphone buyers aren’t looking for business software-development tools. But it could still prove to be a headache for the company, as Basis could argue that if BBX is software, and its BBx tools are software, then confusion might occur.

These things can often be solved with a check. BBX, however, is RIM’s future, and it hasn’t gotten off to a fantastic start.

3 Responses to “More Headaches For RIM, As Trademark Complaint Could Be Filed Against BBX”

  1. This is not unexpected from incompetent Managers of RIM. They always copy; take BB bold 2 it has metallic ring just like iPhone4, they copied after iphone4 is released. If they put metallic ring before iPhone4, then it is accepted. Then they released Playbook, a model copying iPad. Apple forgived the kid RIM eventhough it copied. But not sure BBx will be as generous as Apple.

  2. what a bunch of clown’s over at RIM, did they even Google search the name BBX?

    clearly not. 

    what a reactionary company, any IT guys still recommending Crackberries better update their resumes real soon.