Apple creates moving tribute to Steve Jobs using fan input


When Apple (s aapl) Co-Founder Steve Jobs passed away on Oct. 5, Apple established an email address where fans could send their thoughts and appreciation: On Wednesday, Apple created a page on its website to put some of those sentiments on display.

The page, headed simply “Remembering Steve.” and hosted at, features a perpetually scrolling column of messages from fans and Apple lovers around the world. Apple says that “over a million people” have sent messages commemorating Jobs so far, and encourages people to continue sending more in to the email address dedicated to the purpose.

A quick look at some example postings reveals messages from a wide range of users, some who’ve followed the company since its very inception, and some who are recent converts, brand new to Apple. Many of the emails offer condolences to Jobs’ family.

Apple also plans to hold a private memorial service for employees on Wednesday, between the hours of 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. PDT during which Apple Stores will be temporarily closed, in celebration of Jobs’ life and achievements, according to a purported internal email.

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