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Nexus Prime launches as Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Samsung introduced the newest flagship Google (s goog) Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus, at a Hong Kong press event on Wednesday morning. The smartphone, long rumored as the Nexus Prime, will be the first handset to run the next version of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich.

J.K. Shin, Samsung’s head of mobile communications, explained the cutting-edge nature of the Galaxy Nexus with its “Super AMOLED screen, curved design and LTE support; in certain markets, the Nexus will be available with HSPA+. It’s a premium user experience combined with Samsung’s best in class hardware.”

Samsung says it focused on four aspects with the Galaxy Nexus: speed, screen, design and OS. Speed refers to the LTE support for fast mobile broadband and the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, which the company says is perfect for online video consumption. The large 4.65-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1280×720 resolution offers a 100,000:1 contrast ratio and uses the standard 16:9 aspect ratio used for high-definition video.

The same contour display from the Nexus S carries over to the new phone and is only 8.49mm thick with a small bezel of 4.29mm, so the larger screen doesn’t make the phone too wide. The back uses Hyperskin, a textured design for improved feel.

Remaining specifications correspond to those leaked a few weeks ago, meaning the Galaxy Nexus uses a 5 megapixel rear camera for stills and 1080p video capture. While I can’t comment on image quality, camera demonstrations showed the phone to be fast (zero shutter lag) with numerous software features: auto-focus, face detection, a panoramic mode and new editing tools.

A new barometer sensor is available for developers to use, as is an integrated NFC chip for mobile payments and sharing information with other phones via a bump and tap. This feature, called Android Beam, is one of many new functions in Ice Cream Sandwich; stay tuned for our overview of what’s changed in Google’s mobile platform.

Samsung says the Galaxy Nexus will launch in November, first in the U.S., Europe and Asia, then in other markets.

16 Responses to “Nexus Prime launches as Samsung Galaxy Nexus”

  1. Can anyone who has received a review sample of the Galaxy Nexus please comment on the Google+ integration? In particular, are there any value-add features for ‘Hangouts’ usage?

    If it’s available via Verizon Wireless, then I’d welcome the opportunity to review it myself — and highlight my own Hangouts application scenarios.

  2. worldbfree4me

    The Mobile Phone game has turned into the PC game. Every month there is new handset on the Horizon, and while I like new technology, sadly each and every new model will not only alienate consumers it will drive resale values into the mud! Droid Bionic owners are probably thinking WTF right about now. “No worries, I can sell it on Ebay for $500 because I just bought it!” Not, because savy buyers realize that the latest and greatest just went on sale.

  3. Brock Samson

    It is a myth that higher MPs don’t = better pictures. After a specific point, the extra resolution simly slows down image capture and processing whiile not offering any additional photo quality unless you plan on making super large, zoomed in prints of your pictures. And if you want to do that, you shouldn’t be using a phone camera to do so anyway.

    Go look at DSLR cameras versus point and shoot digital cameras. A lot of times the DSLR will have lower MP specs, because people who buy those generally don’t go off of pointless numbers when purchasing their photography equipment. Instead they focus on important things like lens quality, optons, shutter speed, image processing, etc.

    If you are going to bas the phone for something at least pick something you know about.

      • Actually, I do happen to know something about MPs, digital cameras, and the various myths associated with them. Only time will tell if the camera hardware/software is any good. And all things being equal, there are inherent advantages of a higher MP sensor – assuming you’re the type of person who needs those advantages (as you mentioned). Your comment about the DSLR vs point and shoot seems a bit dated. Yeah, there was a time when MPs for compacts seemed to be going through the roof, but your average, modern day DLSR is higher (with the caveat that I haven’t actually sat down with a spreadsheet and worked this all out). At a very minimum (assuming other things equal), 8MP will give you a larger canvas to work with and more to crop. Once they start trying to cram 12MP into their phones, I’ll start to scratch my head and I think your points will be for valid, but for now… common, keep up.

  4. I’m sorry, but this is completely retarded. How did they not see the trend towards higher MP cameras? Don’t get me wrong, I like this phone and I will most likely get one. But, it is endlessly frustrating at this almost conscious effort for non-iPhone companies to shoot themselves in the foot. Seriously, how hard is it at this stage of the game to be able to at least match the hardware specs of the iPhone? Next, we’ll be hearing that they are using the same battery as that found in the original Palm Pre (of which I own)!

    • Phones have no room for proper lenses. More megapixels mean bigger filesizes with no real enchangement in image quality. Megapixel race is an old marketing gimmick.

    • Do you even know what a Megapixel is? 5 MP’s is good enough for a 55 inch TV screen. So unless you plan on making a banner of a picture, then 5 MP’s is good. Moor MP’s DOES NOT mean better pictures…So no need to be annoyed about that.

    • actually it a visual trick…in the samsumg comersial the back ground is black. if u look at the phone from the side…there are 2 colors…the top part is black and the bottom is silver.In the ad the top part got blended into the background and the silver par is more distinct which is a lot more curvy.

  5. Very disappointed with the 5mp camera ! And it should have been 1.5 ghz for the processor. Does it have an expansion slot, and what about the battery? Is an extended battery available too?