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Ballmer: We’re beating Google in the cloud

Microsoft (s MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer said his company was winning the battle for productivity applications in the cloud, and when it’s winning, it’s taking customers away from Google. (s GOOG) And in doing so, he invoked a little bit of Charlie Sheen in showing his enthusiasm about network-based applications.

“Everything is a little earlier days than all the rhetoric,” Ballmer said. “But we’re winning, winning, winning, winning.”

Ballmer said that when it comes to applications in the cloud, most of the time the company was winning at the expense of Google. That’s specifically on the application side of things. “Applications are on the leading edge… Customers are far more mature in accepting apps in the cloud,” Ballmer said.

As for the cloud platform play, Ballmer said that it’s still early. Despite a big jump ahead by Amazon’s (s AMZN) cloud-based solutions, the Microsoft CEO said there would still continue to be private and public cloud offerings for some time to come, and that Microsoft could offer a solution there.

15 Responses to “Ballmer: We’re beating Google in the cloud”

  1. That’s great they are winning continuously and the reason behind is cloud computing only since it may help to find the various solutions for company and its application is banging the corporate world

  2. Jeff Putz

    Disclaimer: Left the company just last month.

    I think some people get too hung up on Ballmer and ignore what the other 90,000 people who work at the company are doing. It’s his job to be a cheerleader for the company, but it doesn’t mean he’s oblivious to the competition or the world in general. As long as he’s running the most profitable non-oil company or bank in the world, he actually is winning.

    That said, cloud is a pretty wide-ranging term. Microsoft has had some nice scores with some big customers for BPOS and Office 365. Windows Azure, if you’ve used it for PaaS in a scenario where you need to scale, is awesome. They clearly should have had a VM/IaaS solution early on, but a part of me wonders if it’s even worth chasing what will ultimately be a commodity market.

    Hanging on every word that Ballmer says and predicting the ultimate doom of the company is old and weak, and after all of this time the doom still hasn’t come. Instead of making stupid generalizations about the company, it would be more constructive to identify what they’re good at, and what they’re not.

    • demaderios

      People get “hung up” on what the figurehead of Microsoft says because he’s just that. But if the Ballmer is going to spew “stupid generalizations” like, “we’re beating Google in the cloud” then why can’t we give it back? The only thing Microsoft should be interested in beating, is themselves. THAT would be constructive.

  3. This is the inherent issue (and possibly downfall) of Microsoft. Ballmer’s arrogance and ridiculously outdated comments (remember “I won’t let my daughter use Google” only a few years ago) show how amazingly out-of-touch MS is with the current state and direction of things.

  4. Ballmer’s smile leaked only small amounts of drool as his burly attendants came to take him from the stage. “Back to my rocket ship?” he asked them. “Yes, Flash, right away,” they replied, in what has become a familiar, if sad, routine for Microsoft’s delusional CEO.

  5. What exactally is he basing this on … I nor any company I work for use a cloud product of MS. You know what I do use google docs, for personal and work applications. Our company switched from exchange to google corp mail and apps. We’ve fallen in love with the the collaboration that is there with google apps. Something like a reg list using forms in google docs is so much easier then with google docs.

    Side note if you count sharepoint sites within an intranet then I guess one could me the claim… :/