6 Responses to “Apple’s Newsstand making the case for in-app subscriptions”

  1. I read:
    The NY Times
    Wall Street Journal
    The Economist
    Washington Post
    Chicago Tribune
    Financial Times

    The only one of the above in the newsstand store is the NY Times.
    So, “newsstand” just takes up space on my iPhone. Why do I need it?
    Why can’t I have the NYTimes app as had before without a MIDDLEMAN?

  2. Jennifer

    Not impressed so far with Newsstand. No selection and everything is UK. Great for people in the UK who will find relevant material for them. Surprised to not see more content already developed as we knew Newsstand would be released with the iOS 5 update. Maybe it’s operator error and I’m not looking in the right spot. Fingers crossed.

  3. I think Newsstand is completely worthless on the client end. First, my paid NYT subscription is now harder to get to — two clicks instead of one. Second, the magazine subscriptions are mostly overpriced for the iPhone form factor. Third, the selection is crap.

  4. I for one am VERY excited about the newsstand! It would be nice to have various newspapers like the L.A. Times and magazines like Men’s Health and Motor Trend all in one place on my home screen. Please make this happen!