Apple Q4 2011 earnings by the numbers

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Updated. Apple (s aapl) released its fourth quarter 2011 earnings Tuesday, reporting revenue of $28.7 billion, and earnings of $6.62 billion or $7.05 per share. That misses what Wall Street analysts had been expecting — revenue of $29.45 billion and earnings of $7.28 per share — but is above what Apple had forecast: revenue of $25 billion and earnings per share of “about $5.50.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the devices the company sold between July and the end of September of this year.

iPhones sold: 17.07 million. Note: The fourth quarter ended on September 30 for Apple, so this total doesn’t include those monster iPhone 4S numbers Apple reported on Monday.

iPads sold: 11.12 million

Macs sold: 4.89 million

iPods sold: 6.62 million

There will be a conference call with Apple analysts at 2 pm PT, so check back for further analysis later today.

Update: Wall Street did not react kindly at all to Apple’s revenue not meeting their expectations. Apple stock has dropped 5.6 percent or $23.73 in after-hours trading as of 2 pm PT.

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