Big discounts as Apple clears out refurbished iPads

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Apple (s aapl) is offering special limited time pricing on select models of refurbished first-generation iPads, which can knock as much as $230 off the original purchase price. Discounted models include the 32 GB Wi-Fi + 3G version, and both 64 GB Wi-FI and Wi-Fi + 3G models.

Both the 32 GB Wi-Fi + 3G and the 64 GB Wi-Fi-only iPads are on sale for $399, which represents a savings of $230 and $200 respectively. The 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G version is $499, which is $230 less than its original retail value. The 3G versions are compatible only with AT&T (s t) in the U.S., as first-gen iPads only support GSM cellular technologies.

If you’re looking to get your hands on an iPad, and you don’t mind being a generation behind (there’s little you’ll miss unless you’re an avid FaceTime user or enjoy cutting edge games), this is great deal. Apple may just be clearing out inventory of older devices now that the original iPad has been off the market for a while, but it could also be the case that Amazon’s (s amzn) upcoming Kindle Fire has caused Apple to want to hook in as many iOS tablet users as possible before that device launches.

Whatever the reason for the discount, Apple lists it as a “Special Limited Time Price,” so the sale probably won’t last forever. If there’s someone really special on the Christmas list this year, this might be a nice option.

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iPad Jack

Steve Jobs knew what he was doing with the iPad. He in envisioned something that’s taken a lot of people years to create. I have wanted an iPad for a long time now and have seen that there’s some good quality refurbished iPads for sale. Just looking around there’s a few sites that offer them. A quick look in Google shows which looks pretty good. Definitely good for Christmas time. :)


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