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MobileTechRoundup podcast episode 248

MoTR 248 is 61 minutes long and is a 52.8 MB file in MP3 format.

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • iPhone 4S(s aapl) hands on impresses
  • Let’s talk about iOS 5 with Siri
  • First impressions of the Nokia(s nok) N9 with MeeGo
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7 Responses to “MobileTechRoundup podcast episode 248”

  1. I really wish these guys would stop going on about Windows Phone 7. No one is interested. This platform stalled at the start. Like the Zune and the Kin, put it to bed.

  2. Rethymno Racer

    To Kevin and Matt,
    After the technical difficulties I was able to listen to the podcast, and I really enjoyed it. Must say that I think that the novelty of Siri will probably wear of pretty soon for most people.
    Just one point. Being a Motorsport fan I was very surprised to hear that Nelson Piquet (Called PK by the fans) was at Matt’s soccer game. It took me a good minute or two to realise that he was talking about a penaltykick. ;)
    PS: I can’t find the email adress for the podcast. Could you post that please?

  3. Rethymno Racer

    Long time listener, but I’m about to give up on your podcast.
    My Juice podcatcher downloaded episode 248, which turned out to be episode 241 again. Although I like Matt and Kevin, and enjoy what they have to say, these technical issues combined with the hiatus makes me think about deleting my subscription to the Mobile Tech Roundup Podcast.
    I sincerely hope that you can improve on these technical issues.

    • Rethymno, my apologies because the fault for the wrong podcast being downloaded was solely mine, not Matt’s. I used the post from episode 241 as a template this week and neglected to change the link to the correct .mp3 file. I realized it about 10 minutes after publication, so any podcatcher apps synching during that time would have had the wrong file; any after that would have the right one. Rest assured, I’ll do a better job at double-checking the files before pubbing in the future. The hiatus simply couldn’t be avoided: Matt and I are already 3 time zones apart and for a few weeks, he was traveling for work while I was dealing with some personal health issues. We’re trying to be more flexible when conflicts arise, so the impacts going forward should be minimal, if not completely resolved. In any case, we thank you for listening and hope you stick with us in the future! Appreciate the feedback / constructive criticism.

  4. What else was I expecting? Well, bigger screen for sure. (Deal barker for me already.) Unlocked devices that can be activated on any network. (errrr.) Simless operation (there were rumors of this) where I can just buy a pre-paid subscription on the device if I travel to another country upon landing (errrr). World warranty (much like the iPod, iPad and Apple Laptops have). (The latter I am not sure about yet, but from everything I see and hear, errrrr.) Looking forward to what the new Nexus has to offer. Hoping for all these things in the next iPhone.