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Barnes & Noble Takes Over Borders’ Website, Facebook and Twitter Accounts

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Visitors to today will be redirected to Barnes & Noble’s website and a message from B&N CEO William Lynch: “Welcome Borders customer. At Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) we share your love of books…we hope you’ll give us a chance to be your bookstore.” B&N has also taken over Borders’ Twitter and Facebook accounts–which is leading to a great deal of confusion for some visitors.

The landing page that visitors are redirected to includes a coupon for 10 percent off any item and a free, limited two-month Barnes & Noble membership, which includes free express shipping and in-store discounts. (The paid membership, which costs $25 per year, also includes $25 off the Nook Color and some other coupons and special offers.)

Barnes & Noble has also taken over Borders’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, GalleyCat noted. A post on the Facebook wall notes, “As the world’s largest bookstore, Barnes & Noble uniquely appreciates the importance bookstores play in local communities & we’re very sorry that Borders has closed. We welcome you to join the B&N Facebook community to continue your love of reading with recommendations, deals & more. We’ll be here for a few weeks to help you discover all that B&N offers but hope you’ll join our B&N Facebook page to see for yourself.”

Several visitors to the Borders-now-Barnes & Noble Facebook page were confused, suggesting that Barnes & Noble has perhaps not done the greatest job getting out the message to the most loyal Borders customers (i.e., the ones who actually visit its Facebook page). “Wait, I’m very confused. Is there a part of B&N that is Borders?” one wrote. “Borders is now closed so they are showing their support for barnes and noble,” another user responded, before being set right by a few other visitors.

A bankruptcy judge in New York approved Barnes & Noble’s $13.9 million acquisition of Borders’ intellectual property, including its website and customer list, at the end of September. Customers who want to opt out of having their Borders data transferred to Barnes & Noble can do so through October 29 by visiting

Borders filed for bankruptcy in February, and after a series of possible deals fell through, the chain announced in July that it would liquidate.

4 Responses to “Barnes & Noble Takes Over Borders’ Website, Facebook and Twitter Accounts”

  1. I couldn’t say…it was about a month ago. They said that they were taking over for Borders ebook store customers and that my ebooks that I got from Borders’ online service would be available on their cloud service. I just replied and told them I wanted nothing to do with them, as I had never heard of them, and to remove me from their records, and I deleted their email.

  2. So far Borders has sold my personal information to some eBook store and to Barnes & Noble. The only reason I know this is because those companies emailed me to tell me that they bought it. I’ve opted out of Barnes & Noble, and emailed the other company requesting that they purge me from their records, but who else did Borders sell me out to?

    • mayann peterson

      unlike a great many other people I’m dyeing.anyone stealing my Id would have to inprove it to use it.
      i do however love to read and talk about authors i love.just finished saving grace,5th time she jayne ann
      krantz,jory strong,and lauran donner.give us dreamers a chance to take a break from the fact that our government failed to help and protect the people who counted on them but sold us down the river.