Movable Ink raises $1.3 million for real-time email marketing

Movable Ink, a company I profiled last month, has raised $1.3 million for its real-time email marketing platform and is launching a new app gallery for customers. The round was led by Contour Ventures with help from Metamorphic Ventures, ff Ventures, and Kima Ventures. Email veterans Joshua Baer, Bob Pittman, Andy Russell, and Alan Laifer also participated in the round.

Movable Ink creates a live container that can live inside emails, letting companies share current and relevant information from their websites with users based on time, location, social context and what kind of device they’re using. That allows emails to remain current and alive long after they’ve been sent.

The company plans to use the money to build out its platform and move into verticals such as retail, publishing, travel, ticketing and events. It’s also been seeing a lot of interest from email providers who are looking at the technology as a differentiator.

As mentioned, Movable Ink is also launching an app gallery: a collection of apps that companies can embed in their emails that are designed for specific common tasks like counting down to the end of a sale, showing the latest tweets from a company or showing a map with points of interests based on a user’s location.