iOS tip: Put Newsstand in a folder


Newsstand in a folderWith the release of iOS 5 (s aapl) came the introduction of Newsstand, Apple’s new location for storing all your subscription-based digital magazines and newspapers. However, if you don’t want to use Newsstand you may have been irked to find out that the ‘app’ can’t be deleted or seemingly put out of view into a folder. But, the good news is that it can in fact be stored away in a folder with some easy trickery, and without the need to jailbreak. Here’s how:

The Newsstand ‘application’ isn’t really an application at all; it’s essentially just a stylized folder which stores the latest updates to your favorite news sources. Since it is a folder, anyone that’s used folder management in iOS will know that you can’t nest a folder within a folder, but someone over at The Coding Massacre has found a way to do just that.

To put Newsstand into a folder you need to be quick. The work-around requires a new folder to be made, so take any two apps and place one upon the other to create one.

While the new folder is being made, this is your chance to get Newsstand out of sight. As the new folder is being created you will need to quickly drag the Newsstand icon into the folder. If you are quick enough Newsstand, will go into the folder, and the job will be done. This simple straightforward tip will work with any other folder, too so you can now place any folder into another — handy!

Putting Newsstand In A Folder

It’s worth noting, however, that with Newsstand (or any other folder) placed within the newly created folder it will no longer work. Open Newsstand in another folder, and your iPhone will restart.

To get Newsstand (or other folders) working again, you will need to drag the wooden folder out back on to a top-level screen.



Thank YOU! I like the clean, organized, private look. And newsstand was an iSore for the lack of functionality and space it took.

Chris Cap

FINALLY!!! THANKS!!! i hated that thing taking up a top slot on my phone lol


Worked a treat! Love you crazy people who work out crazy ways to deal with crazy things crazy Apple puts us crazy people through! Great job!


I watched the video… and what you did is pretty much exactly what was explained here.

Thanks for the visualization, I guess?

Rick M

on a resync mine pops back out of the folder – very frustrating – i will never use newsstand as it is – i should be allowed to delete it

Sean M

i just fell in love with you for posting this. thanks for the cool tip!


I’d like to know how do they expect us to want to use newsstand when in most cases the digital subcription is just as expensive as the physical one? Seem backwards, no?

Dan Herman

Anyone tried syncing since then? Mine restored from backup without asking and I lost all my photos/music I’d put on there since the last time.


I did this on my iPhone 3GS After I got it in the folder I clicked on newsstand and it caused my phone to go black for a second and then the lock screen came up. I’m not sure newsstand liked being in a folder.

Chris Brandrick

As I mentioned in the story, with Newsstand (or any other folder) placed within a newly created folder it will no longer work. Open Newsstand in another folder, and your iPhone will restart. Your right, Newsstand doesn’t like being put in a folder, so take caution folks!


It doesn’t make it restart. Instead, it resprings. What a neat little way of respringing without jailbreaking! Lol. I have a tethered jailbreak as I type this.

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