FCC questions AT&T on T-Mo claims


The Federal Communications Commission has joined those questioning Ma Bell about its stated benefits of its purchase of T-Mobile. The agency on Thursday sent AT&T a letter inquiring about the number of jobs AT&T said would be created by the merger.

The letter notes that AT&T hasn’t responded yet to an FCC question about how exactly the combination of the two companies would create more jobs, stating, “Our review of the information currently in our record suggest that AT&T’s responses on this issue remains incomplete. Indeed, AT&T to date has produced almost nothing in response to Question 36.” It appears that the FCC is getting behind the Department of Justice, the attorneys general of several states and a variety of consumer groups that have doubts about the deal. So far, AT&T is still fighting.



Anyone who believes there will be a net add of jobs for the merger is sadly mistaken. How many retail/engineer/support jobs will be lost? Sure, ATT might add x amount of jobs, but a few times that will be cut as the two merge.

Bruce Walker

Talk about bureaucratic overreach! I’m in agreement with you, Crossphire, that the FCC need not worry about the number of jobs created or eliminated by the proposed merger.

The Gigom Guest

It will probably create more “creative financing” jobs, and attorney jobs to make sure all the “creative financing paperwork” is acceptable by the SEC.

The good thing is that these are high-paying jobs.


I am not sure how AT&T is saying there will be job growth with the merger. I understand they plan to bring 5000 call center jobs but I see some deep cuts happening as well. With any such mergers, there are always cuts due to closure of stores, rationalization of network maintainance, and marketing teams. AT&T would never keep twice the people for the merged entity. This is all hogwash !!

The Gigom Guest

The sad thing is that they probably had to send those jobs to India to finance this merger to begin with.


Jobs will be lost. The gov does not care they are only putting on a show. This country is full of nothing but monopolies. Have you ordered cable from a second company in the past 15 years. We pay more for services than people in third world countries do and they get better service. Lol

Crossphire Dev

I may be missing the point. Why does the FCC need an answer to a question about the number of jobs that may or may not be created? This type of question have nothing to do with the stated goals of the FCC and seems like nothing more than an example of a government agency thinking it can ask any question it wants and expecting an answer even when it is irrelevant to the case at hand.

I am not for or against this merger but I am against the apparent bias in the government and their overreach.

Thad McMullen

If AT&T made job creation one of the stated net gains of a merger with T-Mobile then it’s fair game for questioning by the FCC in my opinion.


because AT&T is using job creation (their ads that are following me around the web state as much) as a reason why the merger needs to be approved and they apparently have no evidence to support the claim, perhaps even lying since their CEO is on the record saying essentially there will be layoffs.

The gov’t in this case is doing it’s job, regulating interstate commerce and preventing another corporation from creating the same situation that exists in wireline broadband – a choice of either Comcast or AT&T for us in South Florida


The merger is patently anti-competitive and will provide net negative consumer benefit for the foreseeable future. Jobs creation is the canard they’ve been trotting out since the beginning. They should at least put on paper where these fictitious jobs would come from so the government can eviscerate that argument too. There will be net job losses from this merger. Period.

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