Apple’s “internal error” blocking iOS 5 update attempts


If you’re encountering an “internal error” when trying to update your devices to iOS 5(s aapl), you’re not alone; users everywhere are having the same problem. The error, which you can see has the code 3200 when you click the link to find out more about it, seems to have to do with trouble accessing Apple’s servers.

It’s so widespread that it’s worth reassuring people about, but unfortunately, there isn’t a sure fix available. Re-trying the update has worked for some, but that’s probably just due to incredible luck. Apple has encountered these kinds of problems before with major software rollouts, but this may be one of the worst in recent memory.

For people wondering if restarts, recovery mode, direct downloads of the iOS 5 firmware, or other fixes might help, let me assure you, they do not; I’ve been trying all of the above myself with my iPad 2 for the past hour to make sure.

My advice? Wait it out. Apple will resolve this eventually, and in the meantime, there are other things that could better occupy your time. Be sure to let us know if things get rolling again. We’ll keep an eye out and try to do the same.




Vijay Varman

i seem to have a carrier settings error 1630, i got this wen i tried to force the check for update !! wat shud i do now?

Rich in Vancouver

Make sure to install latest security software, not just iTunes 10.5. I had troubles with two of my iOS devices (iphone 4 and ipod 4th gen) per exact same error message as given in screen shot above. (No problems upgrading iPhone 3GS). After security update, everything sailed and upgraded beautifully, but it takes about 15 minutes.

Rich in Vancouver

I had exact same message as given in screen shot for two of my iOS devices (iphone 4 and ipod touch 4th gen). My Iphone 3gs upgraded without a hitch. And after installing the lastest security software from “Software update; everything went without a hitch. Make sure the security software is the latest, not just iTunes 10.5.


I love to hear the people who bad mouth Apple… In my experience it’s usually the people who can’t afford an Apple device or to cheap to fork out the money. They sold a million units in 24 hours cause they have crappy products….ahhh yeah right!


I shut off my anti-virus after receiving this error multiple times, and it worked. Once it was finished, I turned AV back on. Coincidence?


It’s simply because, servers are overwhelmed of people wanting to upgrade to the best iOS ever!, never seen that with another brand have you?

I am already running iOS 5, don’t get desperate, just make sure your internet connection is fine and have a correct /etc/hosts file, then you’re good to go!


One CRAZY thing I found that works is plugging in your the cord that comes with an iPad or iPhone, and by this I mean the one that came in THAT PRODUCTS box, or one of the newer cords. For some odd reason, these updates are not able to go through the old cords, and I have yet to understand why.

Levi Linn

i dont know why, but my iphone just asked me to update my carrier settings, and after i did the iOS 5 update went through smoothly, and i’ve been getting the error code all morning.

Vik ヴィク

Clear the cache in iTunes.

iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Reset Cache

Saketh Vejendla

Every time I tried it would end up with the same problem. Then I restarted my system and my iPad is now restored and updated. Am now on iOS5 :)

Jake Stephens

hard reset and do a restore from an already downloaded ipsw worked a treat

Sam Greene

Makes you wonder what kind of experience the iCloud is going to be if they can’t spin up some registration/auth servers dynamically. Yikes…


Make sure you backup device, then enter DFU mode, then option click to restore and select the relevent firmware from the default location iTunes downloads it to (in library folder, hidden in Lion). You can then load all your info back on your iDevice. Long winded but just worked for me, and it’s essentially the process iTunes would otherwise take you thorough anyway.

Aaron Schwarz

Yup, I have tried 4 different times to update my iPod Touch 4G, and my iPad 2, and every time, after the software is extracted I get that same “internal error” message, and my devices go back to the last version. Seems many others are having this same problem.

James Phillips

try uninstalling your antivirus software. the security settings may be preventing a successful update. it’s worth a shot…it worked for me.


I updated my iPhone 4 with no hiccups then tried to update my iPad and got the error. Been trying for hours to get it updated no luck. Finally it went through and is updating as we think !!! Just 1 more iPhone 4 to go and I’m not looking forward to updating it !!!


I uninstalled my antivirus software and it then it worked. Might have been a fluke but it’s worth a shot if you’re having issues. Just a thought.

James Caddy

Try manually closing all you apps in the multitasking menu… Either it was a huge co-incidence or it did the trick for my iPad. I was trying for hours and getting the same message.

Christopher McIntosh

I tried all of that – closing apps, hard restarting both computer and iPhone, using airport mode, erasing the phone and updating from a new image, I can’t imagine there’s anything else to make it work.

Asif N

The update ended up working on my phone but, had erased all my camera pics. it decided to restore my phone to 4.3.5 first then upgraded. was the biggest waste of time for me in OZ. I woke up early morning anticipating it all to go smoothly but it had to take hour and a half including deleting my personal items :(. Advice, wait till all bugs are fixed and its ok to be an early adopter after couple of days than within few hours…


Well I guess this reassuring (after waiting through multiple restarts and updating lion recovery and os x update). It is still chugging but I’ve been here before, and there it is – internal error. Trying hard restart.

Jim Little Jr.

Same issue here. Kept trying it and finally got it to work but only after 5-6 failures and phone ending up crashed and in recovery mode.


Had the problem on my iPhone 4G connected to MacBook Air. Quit iTunes and restarted it and the update went through ok.


Looks like I just lost everything on my iPhone while attempting upgrade. Now it needs to be “restored” to factory default but iTunes says it can’t contact Apple’s server. What a mess!


It is actually Apple’s servers right now are over burden. Your computer has to contact the server to verify your iPhone or iPad to give permission to update to iOS 5. Just keep pressing update until you can get through to the server. It worked for my and i finally updated to iOS 5 successfully.

Philipp Drescher

Dammit I´ve been too late. Already tried to recover and now my iPhone is just lost in limbo. Everything is broken atm :(

Tim Crossley

Yeah I’m also stuck in limbo. No OS on my device at all. What to do?


yeah mines the same it goes back and forth between the logo screen and the loading circle !!! WTF


mine was too. it was stuck in a boot up loop (logo the daisy wheel repeat). if yours is doing this you need to put your phone in DFU mode (device firmware update mode) to kick start. its a last resort and should only be done if you cant get the phone to be recognised by iTunes. Follow this link for a video demo
Good luck, Jon

Peter Szabo

Guys, just hard restart the device and start over … it works! :-)

Kate Chambers

Does not! I’ve been hard restarting it for hours now and I’ve tried more than a dozen times!


EVERYONE! IF U HAVE PICS THAT ARE IN THE OPENING FOLDER ( the one that pops up when u plug in ur ipad) empty it! After i did that it worked just fine and took the update.. Pass this on!

Patrick Bay

“Wait it out. Apple will resolve this eventually, and in the meantime, there are other things that could better occupy your time” — That’s true. Not like you’d be doing anything productive with your Crapple products anyways. And besides, for the price your pay for Apple’s “quality”, why should you expect it to “just work”? Just another example of how “insanely great” Apple is. I can’t wait until they start blaming everyone else for their problems like they’ve done repeatedly in the past; I’m sure the excuses will be nothing short of “insanely great”.


it’s a server access problem.
Apple is probably overwhelmed with requests for updates.
if you don’t close iTunes the phone will be ok.
if you close iTunes all is lost and you are in recoveryland.

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