Apple’s “internal error” blocking iOS 5 update attempts

Screen Shot 2011-10-12 at 5.56.41 PM

If you’re encountering an “internal error” when trying to update your devices to iOS 5, you’re not alone; users everywhere are having the same problem. The error, which you can see has the code 3200 when you click the link to find out more about it, seems to have to do with trouble accessing Apple’s servers.

It’s so widespread that it’s worth reassuring people about, but unfortunately, there isn’t a sure fix available. Re-trying the update has worked for some, but that’s probably just due to incredible luck. Apple has encountered these kinds of problems before with major software rollouts, but this may be one of the worst in recent memory.

For people wondering if restarts, recovery mode, direct downloads of the iOS 5 firmware, or other fixes might help, let me assure you, they do not; I’ve been trying all of the above myself with my iPad 2 for the past hour to make sure.

My advice? Wait it out. Apple will resolve this eventually, and in the meantime, there are other things that could better occupy your time. Be sure to let us know if things get rolling again. We’ll keep an eye out and try to do the same.


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