Foursquare Hopes Radar Notification Service Is More Than Just A Blip

Foursquare probably can’t grow forever on the backs of those who like sharing their location with their friends, and Apple’s new iOS 5 has given it a way to turn Foursquare into more of a notification service than a broadcasting service. Radar, unveiled Wednesday, lets Foursquare users receive notifications when they are nearby businesses or events they had previously flagged.

The mobile location-sharing service, which has over 10 million users, added Radar to the fourth version of its iOS app released Wednesday. Users who have added places to lists that they follow will receive push notifications when they are near those locations and will also receive an alert if friends have checked into a nearby location. This makes the app and service more useful to people who aren’t necessarily keen on sharing their location but are interested in discovering cool new things in their vicinity.

It’s still an open question as to how much room Foursquare has to grow regardless of services like Radar, but it’s a step in a broader direction for the company. Radar could also provide a new sales channel for Foursquare for businesses to send deals, offers, and coupons to users who are nearby a location they’ve already expressed interest in learning more about.