Today in Green IT: The Q3 Numbers

The trials and tribulations of the solar industry dominated the third quarter as warnings about a storm of dangerous market forces in the industry finally reached an outcome with Solyndra’s bankruptcy. As the dust from events settles, the cleantech industry waits to gauge the impact of Solyndra’s fate on government incentive programs and the greentech investing market.

Car sharing, on the other hand, continues to roar on as one of the most tangible ways in which we’re seeing a reduce in resource consumption. Capital flowed to companies like RelayRides and Getaround this quarter.

On the data center side, industry leader Google provided insight into exactly how much energy the tech giant uses, as well as the carbon footprint of its data centers. Transparency in energy consumption reporting is here, and given that energy use is a large part of Google’s operating costs, it’s information that investors, not just environmentalists, will want access to.

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