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Kerio Workspace: File collaboration without email

Kerio Technologies, which is perhaps best known for its mail server software, has recently moved into the collaboration arena with Kerio Workspace 1.1, described as “an online file and content sharing platform.”

Kerio Workspace has some features in common with collaboration solutions such as Basecamp, but without the project management features. It has more in common with file-sharing solutions such as ShareFile and with enterprise microblogging solutions like Flowr. When I spoke with the developers, they described Kerio Workspace as an email replacement and called it, only half in jest, “SharePoint meets Facebook.”

The idea is that organizations will use Kerio Workspace to organize and track changes to documents and other content files. As one might expect, it has a system for tracking changes, and social elements like a “news feed” where co-workers can post what they’re working on. It also lets users create internal “web pages” to display documents, audio and video, and users can specify if they wish to receive alerts by email.

Workspace 1.1 has added several new features, including:

  • A touch-based mobile web interface for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.
  • The ability for users to create templates by copying existing page layouts and/or content.
  • Drag and drop file uploading.
  • Enhanced administration and security options.

Kerio Workspace 1.1 can be hosted in-house on your organization’s servers under Windows, Mac, Linux or VMWare. Pricing starts at $150 for a 5-user license. Additional user licenses are $30 each. Hosting is also available from resellers at additional cost.