Finally: Facebook debuts native iPad app


Facebook for iPad (click to enlarge)

Facebook for iPad is finally here. On Monday the social networking company debuted its long-awaited native application for the iPad, capping off months of speculation of the whens and hows of the potential launch.

The app’s interface is made to be especially fitting with the iPad (s AAPL) experience, particularly when browsing photos. “Give the screen a swipe to page through albums. Pinch a picture to zoom in,” Facebook mobile engineer Leon Dubinsky wrote in a blog post announcing the launch. “Photos really shine on the iPad. They’re bigger and easy to flip through, like a real photo album.”

The app, which Facebook says is available in the Apple App Store now, also has a few new features for the iPad, including the ability to chat with friends, play Facebook games in full-screen mode, and watch high-resolution videos in the app.

Along with the iPad app launch, Facebook said Monday it has made several improvements to Facebook for iPhone and Facebook’s mobile website, “In your next update, you’ll see a simplified navigation, faster search and access to more games and apps,” Dubinsky wrote.

Here are some screenshots of Facebook for iPad (click to enlarge):


John Harrington, Jr.

I tried it out last night, its really not all that different from the free “MyPad for iPad” app that was out for months…

William Beem

It’s an update to the same app. It just says it’s now compatible with iPhone, iPad, etc.

William Beem

Ok, perhaps not. Although the app on iTunes App Store says its iPad compatible, it still shows up as an iPhone app on my iPad. I don’t see any other version on the App Store.

John Harrington, Jr.

Sometimes it takes a while to show up even after the release is announced

Colleen Taylor

Facebook says it is available in the App Store now. I’ve updated the post with that information. Thanks for the comment, Rohan.

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