7 Stories to read this weekend

Weekend Plans

It has been a tough week. The loss of one of technology industry’s icons has weighed heavily on me and as a result I am slow in sharing some posts and stories I found worth reading and thinking about. Hope you find time to read/enjoy them.

  • How global screen culture will affect us. Jan Chipchase writing in The Atlantic points to Seoul as a lab of our future of many screens and how it will impact everything we do.
  • The creative class is a lie, argues Scott Timberg in Salon. Provocative, to say the least.
  • The rocket ride of electronic dance music. Move over Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog. The real rock stars of a social/digital/Internet generation are DJs and there is none bigger than DJ Tiesto who made $28 million on his 175-city tour last year.
  • How Yelp ratings can transform a restaurant’s fortunes. Michael Luca of Harvard published a research paper that shows that even a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to 5-9 percent increase in revenue. The good news is that Yelp is making us spend less on chain restaurants.
  • The end of future. Like him, hate him, but Peter Thiel is not going away. This is a pretty well reasoned piece in National Review. I don’t necessarily agree with him or his conclusions, but this piece did get me thinking.
  • Innovation Starvation: Neal Stephenson on why innovation has gone on hiatus in our society. This is one piece worth your time.
  • 23,343 days. A son’s goodbye to his father is perhaps the most perfect way to say goodbye to Steve Jobs. “Dad chose a bruised old watch — of course — to help me appreciate that our days are inevitably imperfect; they are, literally, numbered; and they tick away, each and every one, much too fast.”

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