Electric vehicle pioneer Tom Gage exits AC Propulsion


Electric car pioneer Tom Gage has stepped down as CEO of AC Propulsion, which sells electric vehicle technology to automakers. AC Propulsion is the quiet shop behind the electric Mini, the eBox, and Tesla Roadster’s drive train (Gage is the one who originally introduced Tesla’s founding execs Martin Eberhard and Elon Musk).

AC Propulsion issued a statement that says Gage has not yet announced his new direction, but says he will be “staying in the EV community.” The company also says:

Gage’s resignation was a joint decision between Gage and the AC Propulsion Board of Directors. The move will allow AC Propulsion to align more closely with its investors and expanding EV component market in China. Gage talks to me about the Luxgen electric minivan, from Taiwanese company Yulon.

Here’s our video interview with Gage from 2010 at AC Propulsion’s San Dimas, Calif. headquarters. We chat about the luxury electric minivan called the Luxgen MPV, which AC Propulsion was producing with Taiwanese auto maker Yulon:


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