Apple details new Cards app for iPhone and iPod touch


One of the apps unveiled at Apple’s (s appl) media event on Tuesday was Cards, an official Apple product that lets you send physical greeting cards easily to loved ones around the world. The official Cards page on Apple’s site has been updated with new info, so we now know exactly what the app provides.

For $2.99 in the U.S., or $4.99 internationally, the Cards app will let you send one letterpress printed, custom-made card, printed on premium cotton paper. The 4-by-6-inch cards can be made using one of 21 built-in templates from Apple, and then customized with your own photos from your device’s image library, and text you enter yourself. You then select a recipient from your Address Book (or enter one manually) and Apple does the printing, packaging and mailing for you.

Some available themes include a Thank You card, cards for specific holidays or major life events like a new baby, or postcard-style greetings for travel. One card design can be sent to multiple recipients, if you’re doing invitations or a family Christmas card, and your designs are all saved in Card History within the app to make it easier to resend.

You can take photos from within the app, too, for use with your cards. It even provides a UI overlay to show you where template elements will be located in the final product so you can better frame your shot. Geolocation data from your iPhone will be used to enter in locations automatically if you’re sending a travel-themed card.

The Cards app even tracks when a card will be delivered, and sends a push notification to your phone to let you know it’s at the local post office. It sounds a lot deeper than other similar apps like Postagram, but then it also charges more, too. Still, sounds like a great way to knock out the Christmas list in one fell swoop.



It is nice to see Apple expanding into this niche market. Unfortuneately, the service sounds very limted and costly. I use a service called Send Out Cards that does everything the Apple service does and a whole more, for only about a buck each. They also have an app too, which I do have for my iPhone.


Thanks for the article! Did somebody try snappii service to make unique mobile apps? I use it and my apps are really cool!


In hindsight, I wonder if, knowing what was to come, Steve or others pushed for this seemingly misfit app to be built and featured as a reflection on what really mattered most during times like these — for people to simply celebrate and connect with each other.

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