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Steve Jobs has passed away, and it’s impossible to fully express what he’s meant to all of us personally here at TheAppleBlog and GigaOM, and to the world as a whole. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. We’d like to ask you, our readers, to share with us and the community here what Steve Jobs and the company that he built has meant to you.

It could be a memory of a time when you actually got to work with or witness the man himself, a story about how Macs have helped change or improve your life, or just a simple “Thank you” for all he accomplished — whatever you feel like sharing to help remember Jobs and the legacy he leaves behind.


Jassy Racoon

I bet, Steve wouldn’t want us to be sad all day. He actually didn’t die, he keeps on working in heaven. At least this is what god has told me with his brand new iPhone.

RIP, you have been a great person and inspired me not to stop beliving in myself.


Thanks steve for letting people know what ‘TASTEFUL’ Design is .. youll live forever in our hearts .. He lived a life which many of us only dream of .. FEARLESS .. heres how i really feel ..


The world has lost a visionary and genius, not just Apple. Steve was to computers what Einstien was to Science and DaVinci was to Art. He was one man who shaped the entire landscape of computing. I shed a tear when I heard the news. We love you Steve, thank you for all that you have done.


Its very hard to put into words, the kind of the person Steve was to me and how he influenced my life.

He has been my role model for business and presentations. Each keynote that I have watched of his, inspired me to push my own limits be it in my bad health or in my college and work life.

My life is based on Jobs one single quote that love your work. If you don’t love it then keep moving on to find what you love.

Brian Ward

The Apple 2 series of computers launched my tech-life, so in a way I owe a significant chunk of what I am about to Steve Jobs and Apple.

Mike Keenly

In some ways, it’s hard to imagine a future without Steve Jobs. Having been an early adopter of the Apple II and the original Mac 128, I know that these products strongly influenced my desire to study electrical engineering in college. It’s hard to think of another person who’s touched so many lives over such a long period of time.

Haris Arslanović

Even thought I am not that long on this planet (only 21 humble years), a world without Steve Jobs is hard to imagine. It is a sad day for his family and friends, for Apple, for innovation, simply for the power of dreams and believes. Desipte what you think about his products or his being as a CEO, Steve Jobs is one of the greatest men of the last hundred years and a world without Steve Jobs is a world where a lot of people (not only Applefans) will feel a bit lonlier. Let’s cherish his achievements, his life, his way of pursuing his dream and standing up for his visions. Cheers to Steve.


The world is a different place without you, Steve. You forever changed our lives for the better. You are irreplaceable.

Jan Burke

From Apple II to iPad2, my life has been connected to Steve Jobs, whose visionary leadership always included making machines work for humans, not forcing humans to become like machines. Thank you, Steve Jobs, not just for the company that gives us these fine products, but for showing the world that “think different” is a good way to choose one’s path.

Darrell Etherington

From Elizabeth Conrad on Facebook, thought it was worth sharing: “He changed the world in ways we don’t even know of yet. His vision was beyond all of our years.”

Leigh Anne Varney

Steve was all about seizing the potential, jumping off the cliff, going for it, asking for what you deserve, balls to the wall, living NOW.

Rob Kaminoff

Without his creativity, perseverance and revolutionary spirit, we’d still be staring at a blinking MS-DOS prompt, not knowing wtf to do.

Prasad Acharya

Passing away of Steve Jobs is clearly one of the saddest days of my life.
I dint know him personally or never met him but he has been an inspiration and a spiritual guide to me ever since I was 16!
Whenever I was confronted with the big questions of life, I would find a way forward using Steve Jobs’s way of thinking.
I found inspiration, motivation and a rare form of creative energy and insight reading about steve.
What he discovered about human existance and importance of work in one’s life will forever guide humanity for decades to come.
I owe whatever little success that I have experienced in my business life to him.
He was the most important person in my life after my family.
My dear Steve, where ever your soul goes from here on, may you find peace and harmony.
>>>>>>>>>>>>Rest In Peace<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


As I just said to a friend at dinner, having checked my email, Steve was more of a fath figure. One that all of his friends liked, but he sort of hated. As we developed for iOS, we found that it wasn’t the warm home we envisioned. It was closed, and sad. I lost something several years ago, that I can’t get back. That Apple was different.

We learn that our parents aren’t different than us, simply older. If there is anything to learn from Mr. jobs, it is to take chances, and live as if tomorrow will never come.

Jon Hope

Being newer than most to the tech world. My fondest memories of Steve was the more recent 2007 announcement where he changed the world with the original iPhone. Before Android was around and blackberry ruled the smartphone industry. I remember how stoked Steve was to show off the amazing multi touch phone he had worked several years on perfecting. The highlight was when Steve looked for Starbucks on google maps for the first time then placed a call straight from google maps and when the barista came on he ordered 4000 lattes then hung up!! I knew Steve was gonna revolutionize the phone, computer, and tech industry to a point we couldn’t comprehend! He DID!! I’m proud to be an APPLE FANBOY, A Geek, A Tech Nerd, and someone who thinks different! You will be missed Steve 😔


Apple is the only company I’ve ever truly loved… And it surely won’t be the same without you.

Bryan Adams

In 1980 I mowed 90 lawns at $10 each to purchase my first used Apple II+. It has been a love affair ever since. I strayed for a few of the lean years to earn my income on a PC, but a decade ago I came back to the fold and have been an evangelist for the brand ever since. I felt, like many users, that we knew the man as a friend, a brother, a father. Part of his genius. We knew but one side of a complex man – But that part is hard for me to let go tonight. I can only imagine what his family and his friends are going through today. My thoughts go out to them.

Marcus T Jones Sr.

Today we have lost one of if not the best inventors on the planet Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs for giving the whole world Knowledge and making it better I’n the world of tech!!! May God Bless you soul and comfort your family. Long live your legacy!!!!!!!!


Apple devices have enriched my life in ways I never could have imagined. From my Mac computer to my iPad and iPhone I am connected to a whole world of information. These devices are the most user friendly and trouble free equipment I have ever used. I can’t imagine my day without using them. Thenk you Steve for all your contributions to enhancing our lives. You will be missed.


Thank you Steve for changing the way we think and for opening up opportunities in terms of information for the rest of us.

Vasha Hunt

It is hard to believe we now live in a world with no Steve Jobs – since I was a young boy in elementary school learning BASIC computer language on an Apple IIe, Steve Jobs’ creations, designs and ideas have given me a chance to be creative, logical and to discover the world around me.

Today most of my interaction in the digital realms we so often visit is on an Apple device, which was first designed, vetted or pushed to new heights by the visionary man in the turtleneck and blue jeans.

Passed on at 56 seems painfully young, far too brief, but it was a full life, one that inspired millions and gave new outlets of expression and venues of creativity to young and old alike.

Thanks Steve

Vasha Hunt


In 1987, I was introduced to my first Macintosh computer in a graphic design class in college. Today, I am a freelance graphic designer who has used apple computers for 25 years. I would not have stayed in this career had it not been for the innovative products developed by apple. Not to be overly dramatic here but my life might have been totally different had it not been for Steve Jobs. Thank you Steve and condolences to your family.

Adam North

Thank you for everything Steve. If it wasn’t for your great mind I would not have heard the sad news about you, and would not be reading this website at 2am in the morning while trying to get to sleep. You will be greatly missed. R.I.P Steve Jobs.

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