From tweets to tablets: how work is being transformed


The modern enterprise is now a 24/7 global workforce connected by the web. With so many companies still grappling with this change, the opportunity to help with the transition is a booming market worth tens of billions of dollars.

At Net:Work 2011, GigaOM editors, GigaOM Pro analysts, top business leaders and technology companies will explore the business challenges and opportunities presented by this global culture of work.

Topics for Net:Work 2011 include:

The mobile workforce takes over
How can organizations strike a balance between data security and productivity when workers use so many mobile devices and collaboration tools?

The gamification of work
The latest trend in productivity and workforce engagement takes a lesson from apps and interactive games.

How information overload is taking its toll (and what you can do about it)
Today’s worker cites information overload as a major source of job dissatisfaction. Clearly, technology should help, but how can we be sure it’s not a hindrance?

The fluid and dynamic workspace
Though there are bottom-line benefits in a remote workforce, how do we build and retain a corporate culture when employees are everywhere?

The on-demand workforce
We will explore the bottom-line benefits of project-based workers and how freelancing can be a viable, permanent employment option.

Knowledge is power: how social tools are impacting the enterprise
Case studies from several businesses will reveal how social tools can be used to build trust and empower knowledge sharing within the enterprise.

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