The Morning Lowdown 10-5-11


Credit: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Why the disappointment over the iPhone 4S launch means nothing (paidContent)

»  Hallmark has something to worry about (TechCrunch)

»  Are web originals finally ready for primetime? (GigaOm)

»  Mag execs jazzed by tablets, claim print’s longevity (MediaPost) / Are magazines on the verge of a “massive,” Facebook-fueled double dip? (AdAge)

»  Adapting Julia Child for e-readers (NYT)

»  The Daily scolds UK’s Daily Mail (LSE: DMGT) for lifting its Scientology series (Poynter.)

»  The iPhone 5 failboard: How everyone got it wrong (Gawker)

»  That was quick: Samsung files for iPhone 4S injunctions in Europe (paidContent)

»  Why Siri just might work (This is my next)

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