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Jumptap Figures Suggest Tablet Penetration Is Higher Outside The U.S.

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Using stats from a mobile advertising network do not give the most complete picture of the mobile market, but they do highlight some interesting usage trends. So take the following, perhaps, with a grain of salt: One report out today from the ad network Jumptap notes that there may be a higher penetration of tablet users outside the U.S., and overall tablet takeup may actually turn out to be higher than the analysts think.

The conclusions, based on Jumptap’s monthly MobileStat report, cover traffic on its ad network in the month of August, and account for 142 million global users and 11 billion monthly ad impressions. Within that, Jumptap found more than half of the tablet traffic on its network, 56 percent, came from outside the U.S.

Considering that only 28 percent of the overall traffic on Jumptap’s network comes from outside the U.S., Jumptap says this implies a significantly higher number of those users are pulling down ads from the Jumptap network from tablets rather than smartphones (although, just as easily, it could mean overseas consumers are simply using their devices more). Turning the stats around, the U.S. contributed to 72 percent of all the traffic on the network, but within that accounted for 44 percent of the tablet traffic — meaning that in the U.S., tablet usage is not only more diluted but collectively lower than usage from overseas.

Another revealing insight: Jumptap also found that 91 percent of tablet traffic on the site was coming from WiFi networks. That begs the question of how much people are actually using tablets on 3G networks — and how essential it is to have that functionality in tablets.

These strong numbers from tablet users on its network, combined with new, cheap tablet releases (not only from Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) but the Indian government, it seems, too) has led Jumptap to question how accurate tablet estimates for the year may be. Gartner predicts that tablet sales will reach 326.3 million units by 2015, but Jumptap now believes that number could be too low.

The numbers come on the back of predictions from eMarketer yesterday that we could be on track for the first year of $1 billion-plus revenues in mobile advertising in the U.S.

Some of the other stats from the report:

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is by far the most popular tablet platform on the Jumptap network, accounting for 75 percent of all ad impressions. Android took 20 percent while WebOS had 5 percent.

Maine recorded the highest tablet usage in the month of August. Jumptap’s guess is that this because of the high numbers of city folk who decamp to that state for summer vacations, taking their tablets in tow to remain online. Other states that recorded high tablet usage were Wyoming, Hawaii, North Dakota, Arkansas, Connecticut, Virginia, New Hampshire, Minnesota and New Jersey.

Within smartphones, Android, BlackBerry and iOS dominate the top three spots taking 90 percent of the market between them. Android had the biggest share at 47 percent.

Apple’s iOS still demonstrates the best response rate for ads with a click-through rate of 0.71 percent.

Younger and female users are still rather passive, it seems. The highest CTRs came from males; those aged 45-74; and those income of more than $50,000.

Retail, Automotive and Entertainment were the largest spending verticals on Jumptap’s network in August, but Telecom, Entertainment and Insurance ads got the best responses.