Yahoo revamps video channel with Hulu and 8 new shows

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Yahoo (s yhoo) is doubling down on quality video, relaunching its video site as Yahoo Screen, a hub for original programming including eight new shows aimed at women along with a host of licensed content from Hulu, Discovery, Fox News (s nws) and others.

Yahoo already is the leading destination for original web video content, the company said, with the top ten web shows in August. Now, the company is looking to expand that with a slate of female-targeted shows that will feature actors and talent Judy Greer, Niecy Nash and Morgan Spurlock. The progtramming will cover topics like health, romance, cooking, entertainment and will feature a show on the perfect proposal and embracing failure. And it will fit into a more robust and organized video site that will be broken up into categories for news, sports, finance, TV, movies, lifestyle and comedy.

The news is also notable because of Yahoo’s decision to continue licensing Hulu content, which suggests that it’s out of the running to buy Hulu. Yahoo had been licensing Hulu content but it wasn’t well organized and easily accessible. Google and Dish were reportedly among the highest bidders for Hulu but Yahoo has been in the mix. But with Yahoo Screen, powered in part by Hulu content, it looks like the company is able to build a pretty comprehensive video site without having to fork over the money it would take to buy Hulu outright. In addition to Hulu content, Yahoo is licensing content from more than 70 partners including CNBC, Turner Sports, UFC, AP, Fox Business, the Onion along with content from ABC News (s dis), which is partnering with Yahoo on expanded online news coverage.

Yahoo is looking to build up its library of premium content so it can advertise against that with large brands and pull away marketing dollars that might have gone to traditional TV. It already reaches 26 million people per month through its online videos. By segmenting further by gender and age, it can help brands target specific demographics.

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