Where can connected consumers go next?

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Technology market makers will join GigaOM editors and GigaOM Pro analysts to create the blueprint for the connected future, mapping out the most significant trends in consumer connectedness.

Each speaker will be interviewed onstage in a one-on-one chat with Om Malik and other GigaOM editors. GigaOM Pro staff analysts will present major themes and trends influencing the connected consumer.

Newly announced speakers and sessions include:

  • Tom Conrad, Pandora
    Pandora is designed for the desktop and has evolved for mobile. Now Pandora users have taken it to their cars. Where will users take connected media next?
  • Jim Lanzone, CBS Interactive
    Would you like to use an app while you watch TV? Find out what the man in charge of the interactive experience for 250 million people has to say about that.
  • Brian Chesky, Airbnb
    Why just buy things when you can buy them and then rent them back to your friends? Hear how Airbnb is pioneering the collaborative consumption industry.
  • Frank Moss, MIT Media Lab and Bluefin Labs
    Your health is not your own anymore — it’s part of a network. Learn how health will be reinvented by connecting it.
  • Jack Dorsey, Square
    This man created Twitter as a 10 percent time project at work. Now he’s about to shake up the multitrillion dollar payment space. What’s on his road map?
  • Mark Rolston, frog
    Smart objects need smart frameworks and smart companions. The next evolution will depend on designers not technologists.
  • Adam Bosworth, Keas
    You want to make yourself feel great? Turn your health into a game. At Google, he connected your health to all the information on the planet. How does your health fare on his road map?
  • Venky Harinarayan, @WalMart Labs
    ?@WalMart Labs is innovating brick and mortar. Find out what’s next for the future of retailing.
  • Ian Blaine, thePlatform
    TV Everywhere has put thePlatform everywhere. Meet the CEO of the company defining the road map for television.

New speakers are being added weekly. See the full lineup here.

Register by Oct. 8 to get your supersaver ticket for just $595.

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larry wu

Shame to have AirBnb on this list. They are the anti-entrepreneur.

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