2010 iPod nano gets new features via software update


Have an existing 2010 iPod nano but want the new Mickey Mouse watch face? Hold off on throwing your current music player in the garbage and hitting the Apple Store; an update is available now through iTunes that provides software features demoed on the new nano Tuesday for last year’s version.

Version 1.2 of the iPod nano software brings improved fitness features (which are better able to detect and track walking or running work outs), as well as the new single icon scrolling interface, which replaces the 4×4 icon grid. You can switch back to small icons or turn off home screen items altogether from the Settings menu.

Last but not least, you’ll get access to all the new iPod nano clock face options. There are 18 to choose from, so you shouldn’t get bored too quickly. I recommend the partial skeleton face with the exposed animated “movement” and second sub-dial.

The update adds a bit of individual personality for users and some very useful features, so it’s a nice free bonus arising from Tuesday’s festivities for existing iPod nano owners. Go ahead and grab it now by plugging your iPod into your computer and opening iTunes. If you don’t get prompted automatically, just hit the “Check for Updates” button in the iPod’s info screen.


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