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Vodafone Germany listings anticipate iPhone 4S, 64 GB option

With Apple’s (s aapl) special iPhone announcement event coming up Tuesday, Vodafone Germany may have pressed the start button a little early on device listings. Its site featured six varieties of “iPhone 4S” in addition to existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models Monday morning on an official device compatibility page in Vodafone’s accessories shop.

German blog snapped a screen shot of the Vodafone listings, which included an iPhone 4 in 8 GB storage capacity as well as iPhone 4S devices in 16, 32 and 64 GB sizes in both white and black. The presence of a 64 GB option will strike a chord with many iPhone shoppers, according to the results of our recent poll. But conspicuously absent from the listings was any mention of an iPhone 5.

That may mean that we’ll only see a relatively small, evolutionary update for the iPhone on Tuesday, with the introduction of a device that shares many similarities with its predecessor, the iPhone 4. It might also simply be that carrier partners aren’t yet privy to any information regarding the iPhone 5, so Vodafone couldn’t yet figure it in to its accessory compatibility listings. And it might even be the case that one over-eager coder just got way ahead of themselves, acting based on rumors that are already circulating.

One recent survey suggested that the appetite for Apple’s next iPhone might not be nearly as strong if Apple introduces a relatively similar iPhone 4S device instead of a revolutionary iPhone 5 that’s pretty much new top to bottom. Still, three available capacities is a lot of choice, and if a 4S gets upgrades in key areas (screen size, battery life, processor power) I expect consumers won’t hold out too strongly. The iPhone 3GS did very well, after all, despite being an evolutionary update of the 3G.