How to fit 8 people in Tesla’s electric Model S

New styling on the Model S Beta

New styling on the Model S Beta

We got a look at Tesla’s Model S Betas this weekend, and also got a test ride of the car Monday morning (more on that coming soon). But we missed this tip joke by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Model S Beta Customer event on Saturday. The car’s so roomy it can fit seven people (including two back-facing kids seats), and if you’re really, REALLY!, creative you can fit 8 (don’t try this at home folks) — watch the video for the tip.

But, seriously after riding in the car on Monday morning, it’s clearly a lot roomier than competitor’s EVs, because the battery sits underneath the car. That means there’s no t-shaped battery running through the backseats, and no battery packs stuffed into the engine or trunk space. Tesla’s trying to coin the term “frunk,” as in a front trunk. I think the roomy capacity is one of the most important aspects that could make Tesla’s Model S a more mainstream car, and it’s one of the very first electric cars designed from the ground-up (in contrast to the bodies of traditional internal combustion cars converted into EVs).

Hat tip on the video, Lindsay Ridell, via San Francisco Business Times.


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