How to fit 8 people in Tesla’s electric Model S

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New styling on the Model S Beta

Tesla’s Model S Betas this weekend

But, seriously after riding in the car on Monday morning, it’s clearly a lot roomier than competitor’s EVs, because the battery sits underneath the car. That means there’s no t-shaped battery running through the backseats, and no battery packs stuffed into the engine or trunk space. Tesla’s trying to coin the term “frunk,” as in a front trunk. I think the roomy capacity is one of the most important aspects that could make Tesla’s Model S a more mainstream car, and it’s one of the very first electric cars designed from the ground-up (in contrast to the bodies of traditional internal combustion cars converted into EVs).

Hat tip on the video, Lindsay Ridell, via San Francisco Business Times.

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Derek Jensen

Who orchestrated that? Don’t get out and stand at the back while Musk is trying to show that people can also sit in the back. Get out of the way!

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